Getting Data into TIBCO Spotfire® from OSIsoft PI, Asset Framework, and Event Frames
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8:38am Jul 11, 2018



Important Announcements

June 28th 2018.

Users upgrading to or installing Spotfire 7.13 will experience a crash on startup if v1.17, or earlier, of the data source is installed.  The v1.17.1 release below resolves the problem.

In order to resolve the issue, the Copyright and Trademark symbols present in the description of the data source were removed.  Due to this, some screenshots in the documentation may not exactly match what is shown on screen.

March 28th 2018.

Users upgrading to or installing Spotfire 7.12 will need v1.16.0.0 or higher.  These releases are also compatible with previous releases of Spotfire.


One of the most frequently asked TIBCO Spotfire® questions, particularly from Manufacturing and Oil and Gas customers, is "Can you connect to OSIsoft's PI System?".  There are many standard ways to do this using JDBC and ODBC drivers supplied by OSIsoft.  However, for the casual data discovery user, these require some extra configuration steps that can be challenging.

In order to make it easier, we developed some Spotfire Custom Data Sources that allow the following:

  • Reading of PI Tag data and metadata
  • Reading of Asset Framework (AF) data and metadata
  • Reading of Event Frame data


These data sources are shared with the TIBCO Community for free use by customers and partners under the  TIBCO Component Exchange License.  If you have suggestions for enhancements or run into issues, please post questions on TIBCO Community.

Help and Support

Please note that this Custom Data Source is not supported through  In the event of issues or to get help, please post questions in the TIBCO Community Forum here:

Make sure that you add the tag "OSIsoft" so that it will be visible.


Feedback (4)

I had trouble getting the webplayer to be authenticated by the PI Server. It happens that I had two connections to the machine from the PI Server which causes a duplicate error to occur in the webplayer. This was resolved by running KST from the SDK utilty installed on the Node Manager running the webplayer service.

Thanks Dave for the pointer.

dan.mcnulty 4:34am Feb. 14, 2018

Is it possible to schedule the execution of PI Tag Data Function for a file saved in a library?

alisher.berdimuratov 11:10pm Nov. 07, 2017

Sorry ts4sf, I didn't get notified of your question.  We haven't tested with the 2017 version, but it should be OK.  The reason for the minimum 2015 version requirement is that we use a method that was added in that version, so the earlier version throws an error.

Dave Leigh 7:24pm Jul. 17, 2017

Any experience with the 2017 version of the PI AF Client/SDK? The user guide lists the AF Client Library Version 4.0 (2015) or newer as pre-requisite. Is this still true for the 2017 version?

ts4sf 1:13pm May. 31, 2017