TIBCOmmunity is moving to the TIBCO Community

Current Status: Complete

We are in the process of migrating the conversations about all of our products from TIBCOmmunity (www.tibcommunity.com) to our new community, TIBCO Community (community.tibco.com).  We previously moved the TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO BusinessWorks communities, followed by establishing a presence for many of our other products,  tools, extensions, and connectors within the TIBCO Community.  Now, we are bringing all of the conversations for our products over to give a single place for you to learn and ask questions about our products.

When will the Migration happen?

The migration will begin Friday, March 17th (Likely in the morning PDT, but could be later). We expect the migration to take approxiamately 30 hours as we migrate thousands of historical conversations to community.tibco.com.

What will be the impact to TIBCOmmunity during the migration?

Once the migration begins, tibcommunity.com will no longer be accessible. Those trying to reach tibcommunity.com will be redirected to the TIBCO Community (community.tibco.com).

What will be the impact to the TIBCO Community during the migration?

During the migration, TIBCO Community (community.tibco.com) will remain available for you to browse, post and answer questions, etc. - however, as we load the historical messages, we will disable email notifications.  Notifications will be re-enabled once the migration is complete, however notifications that would have gone out during the migration will NOT be sent.

When can I start using the new community?

Hopefully you are already using the TIBCO Community at community.tibco.com, but if not, you can start NOW!!!  Not all products have a landing page, but they are all available for you to ask questions about or search/filter on. We will add more landing pages and wiki articles around all of our products soon.  Your TIBCO Account will allow you to access the TIBCO Community.

What about all of my messages on TIBCOmmunity?

We will be moving all of the public messages to the TIBCO Community and will be doing our best to associate them with the appropriate users, etc.  You should continue to see your conversation history within TIBCO Community under the Answers section.

What if I have more questions?

Check back here...we will update this page to address questions as they come up.  Additional information can also be found in our original community FAQ posted at https://community.tibco.com/wiki/tibcor-community-launch-faq.  

If you have something that isn't covered, please reach out to community@tibco.com

Thank you for being a loyal member of our community.  We look forward to building a stronger community at community.tibco.com.