TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is a standards-based enterprise messaging platform that brings together different IT assets and communications technologies on a common real-time backbone and manages the  flow of information. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service reduces cost, complexity and the time required to integrate disparate systems by providing native support for multiple message protocols and technologies.
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TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows organizations to quickly build event-driven rules systems that intelligently process streams of events at the speed they are generated - supporting realtime decision making, automation, and proactive responses.
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TIBCO LogLogic software helps you collect, store, manage and analyze machine and log data to gain operational insights.
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A high-performance, enterprise-quality statistical engine to provide predictive analytic capabilities – available for integration into other applications through various APIs. Developing in R, and then deploying on TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R, lets you rapidly move from prototyping to production, without recoding and retesting your analyses.
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TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM coordinates a digital business' process, people, context, and actions for better business outcomes.
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Easily connect applications on-premises or in the cloud, build Web APIs, and connect with mobile apps.
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TIBCO BusinessConnect™ helps companies connect and share data to make cross-company business processes run smoothly. TIBCO BusinessConnect has helped hundreds of thousands of trading partners exchange billions of transactions to date.
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TIBCO Nimbus™ is a business application for process documentation.
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Empower stakeholders to act on critical business moments with the industry’s first live data mart for Fast Data.
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TIBCO Hawk® is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise.
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